Don't take sleeping pills for the first time on a planeI’ve never taken a sleeping pill, and I don’t recommend doing so as I’m not a doctor. But if your doctor does prescribe you a sleeping pill—for a long flight, for example—you don’t want to take it for the first time on a plane. You don’t know how your body will react to the new medication, and stuck in a tube in the sky is not a great setting for finding out.

As for when to take a known sleeping pill, you should again consult your doctor first—and you might want to wait until after takeoff, based on the story of this WestJet passenger.




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1 Comment On "Don't Take Sleeping Pills for the First Time on a Plane"
  1. Bill|

    Stories almost always differ between airline and passenger so let’s assume the passenger was non-responsive at the time of takeoff. That’s a big no-no according to a flight attendant friend. While I really feel for him and his wife here are two tips. First, ALWAYS buy travel insurance for exactly this reason, especially when traveling to second world nations. I’m sure Mr. Jet has recommendations. I use World Nomads but I’m hearing about all sorts of options from fellow travelers. Second, NEVER take anything until the plane has left the ground…not when you’ve left the gate or even while taxing because you never know. Once airborne, I take half a Xanax (with my doctors permission), which I have already informed the crew in my section I am going to do. While I’m out, I’m not OUT and can and will respond in case of an emergency or some other request.

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