Sound + sleepLast month I wrote how much I liked staying at the noisy Hyatt Regency O’Hare because all the hotel rooms come with sound machines. I ended up having one of my best naps ever and this was with planes buzzing by and thin walls with loud guests.

Prior to that trip, I used to recommend that travelers sleep with ear plugs. But after falling asleep to the sound of rain and the ocean at the Hyatt Regency, I realized that these sound machines not only provide a better night’s sleep but are also safer than ear plugs, because they ensure you’ll still hear if an intruder comes into the room or if the fire alarm goes off.

There are sound apps that you can download for free, but they aren’t as good as these sound machines unless you travel with a portable speaker. So, I suggest traveling with a sound machine. The good folks over at Adaptive Sound Technologies sent me their Sound+Sleep MINI, which is great. It has 48 distinct sound profiles scientifically engineered to promote deeper sleep and relaxation including naturally-recorded sounds of rain, the ocean and a brook. Interestingly, it also has a crowd noise option. I’m not sure who would want to sleep with that except for possibly a baby.

The device is powered by AC power, and can also be charged using a USB. Alternatively, you can load it with batteries for easy travel use. It also has two USB ports for charging other devices and it’s available in black and white-silver. The Sound+Sleep MINI retails for $79.95, but Amazon sells it for $67.

If you’re looking for something even smaller, they also sell the compact LectroFan Micro, which weighs 0.3 pounds and features 10 sounds (five fan sounds, four white noises and one ocean sound) and lasts up to 16 hours in sleep-sound mode. During the day, it’s a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker with six hours of battery life. It sells for $34.95.

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  1. ed|

    Too expensive. Of course, it’s not really, but once you factor in the inevitability of leaving it somewhere, it really is. Pity.

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