I woke up this morning to my Twitter feed full of comments regarding the huge news that: “Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines to Combine, Creating America’s Most Competitive Ultra-Low Fare Airline.”

Frontier, a low-cost airline based out of Colorado is buying their biggest competitor, Florida based Spirit Airlines. Wow! There are so many questions to be answered including will the Biden Administration even allow it?

Here’s everything you need to get up to speed per my Twitter feed:

Usually when airlines merge it’s a bad thing for customers and employees. Of course, the executives and board of directors will frame it as a good thing since they will make out like bandits, but the general rule is less competition creates higher fares.

I must admit I’ve never flown either airline. I once bought a cheap ticket on Spirit to fly from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa but when I checked in the day before and realized they wouldn’t even let me bring my carry-on onboard for free, I said forget it and rented a car.



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