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My cousin just sent me a text with a photo of a whole slew of plug adaptors asking: “Help! Which adaptors do I need for travel to the UK, Ireland, Europe, Argentina and Chile?”

As you can tell, he’s getting ready for a big trip and doesn’t remember which adaptors he needs. I also have a similar box full of plugs and adaptors so I’m guessing most frequent travelers do as well. So today’s tip is about what I do when I’m traveling internationally, especially to a country where I’m not familiar with their electrical outlets.

  1. I always travel with a universal plug so it can be used in 100 countries. I recommend always having a travel adapter like this in your bag.
  2. I usually bring one or two extra plug adaptors that pertain to that country just in case my universal charger breaks, I lose it or I need more than one thing charged. So I go through my box of adaptors and bring the appropriate ones.
  3. I consult to refresh my memory on what the plug looks like.
  4. I also bring a small power strip so I can charge more than one device at a time.
  5. I make sure I don’t bring anything that will break because the voltage is different. My wife has had her expensive hair flat iron pop in a hotel in Thailand once and that set us back $100.

10 Comments On "How to Know What Adaptors You Need For International Travel"
  1. Judy613|

    Don’t you also need an electrical converter in addition to the adapters? TIA

  2. Dennis Kamoen|

    Thanks for your Today’s Travel Tip Johnny. I agree with the previous comment, “Don’t you also need an electrical converter in addition to the adaptors?” and I would add that some devices automatically adjust to the local voltage, but you could please elaborate? Maybe tell us more in another post? Thanks, Cousin Dennis

  3. Robin|

    JohnnyYou mentioned three things you need for International Travel. i watched the video and read the article but only saw one, the adapter. what are the other 2?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Hi Robin

      They’re there. One’s a small power strip and the other are individual plugs.

  4. Robin|

    What was that toy you tossed into the waves that came back. so cute and would love to find one for my grandson.


  5. Deb D|

    Thanks. Even with the correct adapter, my curling iron fried as well as some of my hair in Rwanda.

    1. Johnny Jet|


  6. Ed|

    Most of the time your links dont word, i.e. today’s international plug links to I suspect is Amazon…

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Which links?

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