How to effectively disinfect your phone and devices

Each Friday, we feature a reader-inspired tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from Andrew R., who wrote in to share this Wirecutter article about how to sufficiently disinfect your phone, devices (like keyboards and mouses), and other things. Here’s how to disinfect your phone or tablet, straight from the article:

  • “Always unplug your phone or tablet before attempting to clean it.
  • Don’t spray your device directly, and avoid getting drips of moisture in any openings.
  • Prep with a dry, soft cloth to remove debris and fingerprints. Never use paper fiber materials like a tissue or a paper towel, as they’re more abrasive and can leave scratches.
  • Different phones can handle different cleaners, so consult the manufacturer’s website. For the Pixel 3a, Google recommends using “ordinary household soap or cleaning wipes” as needed, and it doesn’t specify restrictions on alcohol-based wipes. (We haven’t tested this ourselves yet.) Apple just updated its support page to say that you can clean your iPhone with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipes or Clorox disinfectant wipes.
  • If you’re concerned about removing the oil-resistant coating, or if you want to go to town with some disinfectant, use a phone case or a screen protector and wipe it down with either a soft cloth dampened with a little rubbing alcohol or a disinfecting wipe. (You can throw the case or screen protector away if it starts to deteriorate.)”

It’s a good article and worth reading in full, especially as the COVID-19 situation in the U.S. continues to escalate (see below). And in case you missed it, here’s the original tip about disinfecting your phone that inspired Andrew to write in. Thanks, Andrew!

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