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Are you ready to travel in style without breaking the bank? With a signup bonus of 60,000 miles, you can enjoy a well-deserved vacation on a nice flight or several economy roundtrips to your favorite destination. Many of the most recommended travel credit cards offer a whopping 60k signup bonus that can put you on the fast track to your dream getaway.

How Much is 60,000 Miles Worth?

60,000 miles is worth more than $600 when redeeming for flights. There’s incredible value in 60k miles, and 60,000 miles is easy to earn with miles credit cards.

Here are a few of the best credit cards with a 60k signup bonus:

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card: Earn 60,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening.
  • American Express® Gold Card: Earn 60,000 Membership Rewards® points after you spend $6,000 on purchases on your new Card in your first 6 months of Card Membership.

These cards all offer a variety of travel benefits, including travel rewards, travel credits, and travel insurance. So, if you’re able to meet the requirements, a 60k signup bonus can be a great way to save money on your next vacation. Here’s a bit more about what 60,000 miles/points are worth and what might get you the most value.

What Credit Card Miles Are Worth the Most?

With these cards, you’ll have access to a wealth of travel rewards and benefits that can make your next adventure a truly unforgettable experience. In my experience, Chase Ultimate Rewards, Amex Membership Rewards, and Capital One Miles are worth the most.

  1. Best overall: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card
  2. Best Miles Credit Card 75k bonus: Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card
  3. 60k Points Offer: American Express® Gold Card
  4. Best Airlines Miles Credit Card Premium: The Platinum Card® from American Express
  5. Airline Credit Card for Incidental Fees: Chase Sapphire Reserve®

Below is an in-depth look at how much 60k miles are worth:

how much are 60,000 miles worth
LAX to JFK in JetBlue’s New Mint Seats May 1, 2023. Credit: Johnny Jet

How Much Are 60k Miles Worth?

In general, you can anticipate the redemption value to fall within one of these ranges:

  • Domestic flights: 0.8 to 1 cent (main cabin) and 1 to 1.5 cents (premium cabin)
  • International flights: 1 to 6 cents (main cabin) and 2 to 7 cents (premium cabin)

Most carriers use a variable pricing model for award flights that ties the mile redemption value to the current cash ticket price, flight demand, and time of day. Each airline has its sweet spots, alliance partners, and short-haul discounts where your miles can be worth more. Conversely, you may also find travel corridors to avoid if that airline doesn’t have a major presence or pricing power.

International flights (especially in business or first class) are consistently the most valuable airline mile redemption option. As international travel volumes are still not back to their pre-pandemic levels, you may find deals.

Unfortunately, you’re probably going to need more than 60,000 miles to even book a one-way flight in premium economy, first-class, or business class for flights crossing the Atlantic or Pacific.

You will also pay at least $5.60 in fees and taxes each way, in addition to redeeming miles.

So, how much are 60k miles worth with different airlines? Let’s break it down.

60,000 Miles Credit Card Options:

  1. Best overall (80,000 Bonus!): Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card
  2. Best Miles Credit Card 75k bonus: Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card
  3. 60k Points Offer: American Express® Gold Card
  4. Best Airlines Miles Credit Card Premium: The Platinum Card® from American Express
  5. Airline Credit Card for Incidental Fees: Chase Sapphire Reserve®

Chase Ultimate Rewards

Of the general credit card rewards programs, Chase Ultimate Rewards® can have the highest redemption value when you book award flights through the credit card travel portal:

For example, with the Sapphire Reserve, 60,000 points are worth $900 but only $600 with any card in the Freedom family.

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60,000 American Airlines Miles

American Airlines is one of the few airlines to publish an award chart to estimate your award flight costs.

You can find the best deals for their MileSAAver rates.

One-way rates can be the following:

  • Within the United States: 12,500 miles (main cabin) and 25,000 miles (business/first)
  • Hawaii: 22,500 (main cabin) and 55,000 miles (business/first)
  • Mexico: 15,000 (main cabin) and 25,000 miles (business/first)
  • Caribbean: 15,000 (main cabin) and 25,000 miles (business/first)
  • Europe: 30,000 (main cabin) and 57,500 miles (business/first)

You can also find discounts on domestic flights shorter than 500 miles within the continental US and Canada. Off-peak discounts for main cabin seats are also available.

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60,000 Delta SkyMiles

Delta doesn’t publish an award chart, so you must plug in your origination and destination airports and travel dates to get a price quote.

Here are some of the sample rates for

  • Within the United States: 22,000 to 32,000 miles (main cabin) and 50,000 to 100,000 miles (business/first)
  • Hawaii: 25,900 to 41,500 (main cabin) and 83,000 to 135,000 miles (business/first)
  • Mexico: 30,000 to 44,000 (main cabin) and 56,000 to 70,000 miles (business/first)
  • Caribbean: 26,000 to 48,000 (main cabin) and 60,000 to 115,000 miles (business/first)
  • Europe: 40,000 (main cabin) and 170,000 to 375,000 miles (business/first)

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60,000 United MileagePlus Miles

You might be able to scoop up a Saver Award seat to further your mileage, but the airline uses a variable pricing model.

  • Within the United States: 14,200 to 22,400 miles (main cabin) and 37,500 to 90,000 miles (business/first)
  • Hawaii: 30,500 to 45,500 (main cabin) and 79,000 to 120,000 miles (business/first)
  • Mexico: 17,500 to 32,000 (main cabin) and 30,000 to 80,000 miles (business/first)
  • Caribbean: 17,500 to 30,000 (main cabin) and 30,000 to 70,000 miles (business/first)
  • Europe: 30,000 (main cabin) and 155,000 to 175,000 miles (business/first)

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60,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards

Potentially America’s favorite discount airline, the “Southwest Effect” may help you find cheaper award flights within the U.S., to Hawaii, or south of the border.

These sample rates are for a Wanna Get Away fare:

  • Within the United States: 9,600 to 22,700 miles
  • Hawaii: 30,500 to 45,500
  • Mexico: 12,450 to 32,500
  • Caribbean: 10,900 to 21,800

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60,000 Alaska Airlines Miles

Alaska Air can also be an effective option if you’re flying from the U.S. West Coast to Hawaii. Going to other major airports within the United States can also be worth using miles if you want to avoid a legacy carrier.

  • Within the United States: 12,500 to 25,000 miles (main cabin) and 40,000 to 50,000 miles (business/first)
  • Hawaii: 20,000 to 30,000 (main cabin) and 80,000 miles (first)
  • Mexico: 25,000 to 40,000 (main cabin) and 70,000 miles (business/first)

If Alaska Air doesn’t serve your destination, you can also book a partner flight through American Airlines.

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60,000 Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles

Hawaiian Airlines also continues to publish an award chart. Your most affordable options are either inter-island service within Hawaii or flying from the U.S. West Coast to Hawaii. However, the point requirements from the Central or Eastern United States are competitive.

  • Neighbor Island Flights: 7,500 (main cabin) and 15,000 (first)
  • Western United States to Hawaii: 20,000 (main cabin) and 40,000 (first)
  • Central United States to Hawaii: 25,000 (main cabin) and 40,000 (first)
  • Eastern United States to Hawaii: 30,000 (main cabin) and 40,000 (first)

It’s possible to book discounted main cabin flights from the mainland to Hawaii.

You can also fly to international destinations like Japan, South Korea, and Australia for 40,000 in the main cabin and 65,000 in business class. Flying to Pago Pago or Papeete only requires 27,500 in the main cabin and 47,500 in business from Hawaii.

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How Much Are 60k Miles Worth With Credit Cards?

We’ve looked at how much 60k miles are worth with various airlines. Now, let’s look at how much they’re worth with different credit card rewards programs.

Note that many of the cards listed below come with flexibility, so you aren’t married to one airline if you prefer to shop around.

60,000 American Express Membership Rewards

Credit cards that earn American Express Membership Rewards® have a redemption value of 1 cent for award flights.

Two of the participating cards for consumers include The Platinum Card® from American Express and American Express Gold® Card.

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60,000 Capital One Miles

Capital One miles are worth 1 cent for the Venture or Spark Miles for upcoming travel reservations through Capital One Travel or as a travel statement credit.

As a result, 60,000 Venture miles are worth $600 in travel rewards.

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60,000 Citi ThankYou Points

Citi ThankYou points can be worth 1 cent for award flights making 60,000 ThankYou points the equivalent of $600 in award flights.

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Summary of How Much Are 60k Miles Worth?

In conclusion, your mileage may vary, but each mile is typically worth at least 1 cent. How much are 60k miles worth? Plenty, especially if you can achieve your travel goals. International flights or premium cabin flights can fetch the highest value. For credit card points, also consider using the 1:1 transfer partners to potentially secure a better value than booking directly from the credit card portal.

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