Each Friday, we feature a reader-inspired tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Toni P., who left the following comment under our recent post on how long it takes to road trip across America:

“We just drove from Tucson, AZ, to St. Augustine, FL, due to family emergency (NOT vacation!). We have been isolating at home since March and are in a risk group due to our age. After significant research we decided that driving was safer than flying for us. We packed a cooler with all the food we needed for breakfast and lunches, stopping only for gas and to sleep, and got carry out for dinner. We did not use any public restrooms along the way. We did not make advance reservations for hotels, as we weren’t sure how far we could drive each day.

“When we started getting tired, I used my Hilton app to book a room at a Hampton Inn, feeling like Hilton’s cleaning protocol with Lysol would ensure a safe stopover. Since it was getting close to 6pm, I paid in advance to guarantee our room for late arrival. Although we have stayed at many nice Hampton Inns previously, this one was certainly substandard and NOT cleaned thoroughly. The outside doors and elevator were positively grimy. The bathroom floor had hair on it. Fortunately, we brought our own pillows. In spite of prepaying for the night, I wish we had left and found an alternative. Although they stated masks were mandatory at the front door, many people (probably construction worker staying there) were coming and going through the side door and elevators without masks. My point in relaying this information is twofold:

  1. No matter what Hilton advertises about their cleaning policies, if they don’t demand compliance with their franchise holders, it will not help you. Sticking a sticker on your door saying it’s Lysol Clean doesn’t cut it. I have voiced my concerns directly to Hilton about our stay.
  2. There is no shortage of places to stay and advance reservations are not necessary. Don’t prebook a room. Stop and make sure you’re comfortable with their protocol before you pay.”

Thanks for sharing, Toni!

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1 Comment On "Don't Trust a Hotel's Cleaning Policies Until You See Them"
  1. Anonymous|

    In response to today’s tip about cross country travel. We are traveling from Maine to Texas, and have stayed in Hampton Inn’s. I’m am sorry the ones in the article had bad luck, but I hate to see ALL Hamptons judged by her experience. Our experience during the Covid 19 outbreak has been 100% positive. Rooms have had seals on the doors indicating that the room was cleaned and no one had entered before us.
    One bad experience should not reflect on all Hamptons

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