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I don’t know about you but I love reading what gadgets and gear flight attendants never travel without. Because who could be a better prepared traveler than someone who actually travels for a living? So, if you want to travel right in 2024, here are 8 flight attendant faves that should always make their way into your luggage. RELATED: What Do Flight Attendants Notice When You Board A Plane? Here’s What They’re Looking For

1. Slim portable phone charger

The number one item flight attendants say they never travel without is a portable phone charger. You can read more about that here but it’s pretty straightforward and makes total sense. If your phone runs out of juice at any point along your travels and you don’t have easy access to an outlet to plug in, you’ll never have to worry. Just pull your personal phone charger out of your bag and juice up. This portable phone charger is by far our favorite – it’s slim, lightweight, charges fast and has a digital screen that shows you how much charge it has left.

2. Backpack

Texas-based flight attendant Shea Kepler told Travel & Leisure that her go-to backpack for travel is the Lovevook Laptop Backpack. It comes in 23 different colors and patterns and three different sizes (14-inch, 15.6-inch and 17-inch). It has space for a laptop and an anti-theft phone pocket with a USB port for charging. It also has padded straps to make it comfortable to carry and a sleeve to attach to your luggage.

3. Flat iron

Any frequent traveler knows that finding items that do double-duty can help save valuable space in your luggage. According to a flight attendant with 30 years’ experience, a mini flat iron is one such item that can not only be used to style your hair but can do double duty as an iron in a pinch and can remove wrinkles and creases from your clothing. This Babyliss mini flat iron is small but functional and will get the job done.

4. Luggage tag with privacy flap

An American Airlines flight attendant recently shared a tip in a TikTok video, warning travelers against displaying their contact information openly for others to see. She says to always safeguard your personal information like your phone number and home address. The best way to do this? A luggage tag with a privacy flap like these.

5. Universal travel adapter

An Etihad Airlines flight attendant told Business Insider: “The last item that I always carry with me is an international travel adapter. As cabin crew, we travel around the world and different countries have different sockets so I like to always be prepared.” This universal travel adapter converts voltage in different countries including Australia (100-240V, 50/60Hz) to US/Japan voltage (110V, 60Hz) and charges seven devices simultaneously.

6. Double layer electronics organizer

I never travel without my tech organizer and it turns out, I’m not the only one who thinks it’s a travel essential. According to a comment about the BUBM Double Layer Electronics Organizer on Amazon: “I am a flight attendant and I LOVE this organizer! I keep my iPad, passport, cords, paperwork, and hand sanitizer in here. It keeps me organized! Definitely recommend to anyone who travels and needs to keep organized.”

7. TSA-approved toiletry bag

We all know what a hassle it is to pack liquids for passing through TSA security checkpoints but this toiletry bag is both TSA- and flight attendant-approved. One flight attendant left a comment on Amazon saying: “I am a flight attendant and it’s perfect for my international flights going through security. I love the handle, easy to pull out of my suitcase.”

8. Collapsible water bottle

Jana Barrett is a flight attendant who shared her top travel essentials on Medium in a post called: Every Flight Attendant Should Bring These Items. The entire list is helpful not just for flight crew but for frequent travelers as well. Jana says: “The aircraft is always provisioned with water; however, it’s a good idea to fill up your own [massive] bottle in the airport before boarding. What if something happens that brings onboard water supplies close to depletion? You must prepare for stuff to go wrong. Collapsible water bottles come in very handy for this purpose.” This collapsible water bottle is BPA-free and is made from food-grade organic silicone.

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