This website is helping travelers fight back against resort fees

Do you hate resort fees like most people do? I know I do, and that’s why I was happy to learn about Kill Resort Fees.

Basically, Kill Resort Fees is place to learn about resort fees and how to take action against them. It was started by a lawyer and traveler named Lauren Wolfe. (“She’s travelled to 94 countries and only paid ‘resort fees’ in one – the United States of America.”) As told on the site, Wolfe was inspired to action after she “travelled to Key West (Doubletree by Hilton Key West) and Miami (Hyatt Centric South Beach) and was told she had to pay resort fees. Wolfe learned that there was no effort entirely devoted to ending ridiculous hotel drip pricing known as resort fees. When back home, she started Kill Resort Fees to educate all the travelers out there about the deceptive and unfair ‘resort fee.'”

On her Kill Resort Fees, you can read up on, among other things:

There’s also a page entitled “The Worst,” which lists the very worst hotel and resort offenders. (From that page: “The Fisher Island Club and Resort in Miami Beach, Florida has an advertised rate or $1,052 per night – with a $160.60 resort fee! Making this the most expensive resort fee in the country. Congrats Fisher Island Club and Resort!”)

More on resort fees

Resort fees, of course, are worse than they’ve ever been. Citing Kill Resort Fees, The Points Guy writes that “at first, resort fees were much lower ($5–$10) and often were optional, reserved only for those who wanted to use the resort’s amenities beyond the base room and rate. Today, resort fees can cost more than $100 per night, might be higher than the room rate itself and are seldom optional.”

Kill Resort Fees is a great place to start fighting them. Beyond that:


4 Comments On "This Website Is Helping Travelers Fight Back Against Resort Fees"
  1. Fred M Helldorfer|

    End resort fees now.

  2. Fred M Helldorfer|

    What’s next…a laundry fee…

  3. Fred M Helldorfer|

    Offer maid service to every other day… eliminate resort fee and or reduce room daily rate $20 to &30. Result… Significant reduction in maid service staffing. Charge extra if you want maid service every day.

  4. Phil M.|

    They use to have refrigerators in room for your use. Now it’s stoked with over priced items and your threatened with a polite note that if you are caught using it for personal use a $50.00 charge will be imposed.
    Most resent trip to las vegas.
    This is what my resort fee got me.

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