I’ve been traveling professionally for almost three decades and I really thought I’d seen it all since I’ve stayed in hundreds of hotels on six continents and in over 50 countries. But after seeing this viral video, I realized I definitely haven’t seen it all and I’m not even sure I want to. RELATED: The Grossest Thing in Your Hotel Room Isn’t What You Think … And Might Even Be Dirtier Than the Toilet

Man cooks nachos in hotel bathroom sink.Chef Barfly has made a name for himself on TikTok by creating quick, shocking videos of him making unusual and sometimes extravagant dishes while in a hotel room. His latest stunt really struck a chord.

Chef Barfly made homemade nachos inside his hotel bathroom using a portable electric heater to boil the water in the sink to cook the ground meat and beans, and to melt the cheese.

While waiting for them to cook, he sliced jalapenos, onions and tomatoes and then mashed an avocado. It’s so gross that it’s almost funny and I can’t believe he actually ate it. Watch the one-minute video embedded below to see the madness for yourself:

@barfly7777 Dump Dinner Nachos.  Cheese sauce was a 8oz bag of shredded cheddar cheese cheese, a teaspoon of sodium citrate, and a half cup of water. My pico de gallo and guacamole both shared many some similar ingredients. They both contained plum tomatoes, chopped red onions, Serrano and jalapeño peppers, lime juice, and cilantro.  In addition for the guacamole. I also added some garlic and avocado. ##cringeworthy##innovation##howtocookproperly##hotelhack##nachos##picodegallo##guacamole##sousvide ♬ Can’t You See – The Marshall Tucker Band

I feel terrible for the housekeeping staff and the owners of the place since none of this could be good for the plumbing. I also wonder if he got sick because we all know that bathroom counters are absolutely filthy. Have you seen this undercover video footage of some disturbing cleaning habits at Chinese hotels?

The best part of the nacho video is reading the comments on both TikTok and Threads. I cherry picked some of the funniest:

Joe: Do you cater weddings

Bugshunny: This is why I don’t do potlucks

Ally♡ as a ex hotel maid I will say some hotels have forced me to use the same sponge for the inside of the toilet for the counters so I highly don’t suggest [this].

Tryingthisout31: My mom raised me with the motto “Just because you can doesn’t always mean you should.” Case in point.

Birddroneone: At first I thought he was putting the hotel hair dryer in water. Which might have been safer than eating barely cooked meat prepared in contact with metal connected to a sewage line.

Honeyofagal: I was thinking about how many people have used that towel he’s been cutting food on 🤢🤢🤢

Nostalgia_videogaming: Eeeeeee. That’s rank. Hotel bathroom. I wouldn’t put my toothbrush down on the sink counter, let alone eat from it.

Therealdavianploger: Not sure I will ever eat nachos again 🤢

Umeni_sk: As former housekeeping supervisor, don’t do this please

Jmask30: This has fundamentally changed my life. But not for the better.

But if you think the hotel bathroom nachos are bad, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. His entire account is a hot mess of hotel bathroom cooking madness. I think the Bathroom Big Bass Bouillabaisse, made with a live fish, might take the cake:

@barfly7777 #fishstew #cringeworthy #hotelhack #hotelcooking #innovation #howtocookproperly #sousvide @Anova Culinary recipe insoired from the works of Chef David Marsigliellon. #Splice #jacquesbrel #french #frenchcooking ♬ Madeleine – Jacques Brel


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