Look for the taxes and fees before booking (especially in Las Vegas)In an age of bare-bones fees and nickel-and-diming in travel, it’s no longer a surprise to find a hotel charging a steep resort fee. You should always doublecheck to see if a hotel charges one before booking (or at least before you arrive). But as evidenced during a recent search I undertook for Las Vegas hotels, the fees attached to a booking can be worse than you might think.

See the screenshot below. A list of results on Booking.com for a three-night stay included the ARIA for $626 plus—in light grey below the big, bold red—an additional $216.47 in “taxes and charges”! I assume that if I didn’t see the additional charges on this page that I would spot them before booking, but you never know. It pays (and saves) to be on the lookout for taxes and fees!

Have you run into unexpected or large fees while booking travel? Share your story in the comments below!




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1 Comment On "Look for the Taxes and Fees Before Booking (Especially in Las Vegas)"

    Once you see the taxes before booking, then what? Not book?
    Are they negotiable…are there places that do not charge them?

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