Don't joke about explosives at airports like this NFL player didWhen it comes to airport security, there’s not much room for joking around. That’s pretty clear to most people, but apparently it was not to Green Bay Packers WR Trevor Davis, who was arrested at LAX this month for making a joke about bringing a bomb onboard his flight to Hawaii. Here’s how it went down, as per the Washington Post:

“An airport police spokesman said (via the AP) that Davis was checking in for his flight on Hawaiian Airlines, when an agent at the ticket counter asked him a routine question about whether he had any explosives in his luggage. The third-year player was said to have answered, ‘Yeah,’ before turning to his female companion and asking her, ‘Did you pack the explosives?’

According to TMZ Sports, the woman said ‘No’ and tried to get Davis to stop joking around, at which point he said, ‘Just kidding.’ However, airline employees called police and Davis was arrested for misdemeanor criminal threats, while the woman was not charged.”

So there you go. Don’t joke around about bombs, explosives and the like in airports or on planes—ever.




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1 Comment On "Don't Joke About Explosives at Airports Like This NFL Player Did"
  1. Steven Brown|

    Each case was show to be joking with with the airline or airport employee NFL player and referee. Perhaps airline and airport employees are too stupid to see someone is joking. They need to get a sense of humor and corporate stick out of their rear end.

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