Disney World for IPW 2015

Be Careful Joking Around
I’m known as a pretty big jokester, but I also know when to keep my mouth shut. In today’s crazy world of terror even the slightest joke can cause you serious problems in the wrong context. Here’s an example: A few weeks back a hotel guest staying in one of Disney’s hotel’s in Orlando joked that the service was so slow that he could build a meth lab faster than he could get help—and he’s now banned from Disney for life! I know you’re thinking that for some parents, being banned from Disney is probably not a bad thing, but the moral of the story is that you should be careful with your wisecracks.

FYI: I am not banned from Disney and I took the photo above at IPW 2015.



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6 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Be Careful Joking Around"
  1. AJ|

    had a co-worker in line to check bags [pre- tsa]. when the inspector asked what the printed circuit board was for, he, being perturbed by having to answer a question that would not be understood, told the inspector “what do you think a bomb”? he had to pay his way back home by private plane!

    1. Johnny Jet|


  2. Zachary|

    Hi Johnny, It is really a very important to know about some customs and traditions of the country where you are going, because it will help you in finding that if your words or behavior is not derogatory for them as in some south asian countries it is considered bad to point your finger at anywhere.

  3. Nathan (Two Drifters)|

    It’s amazing how seriously offhand comments can be taken in some public places! I’ve been to at least one airport where a sign was posted in the security line that read, in big letters, “NO JOKES.”

  4. Anonymous|

    Would an angry looking dude in a reflective vest and a big shovel shown up if he had instead said, “slower than it takes Florida DOT to complete an overpass?”

  5. Gern Blanston|

    Hi Jack!

    Wasn’t this the big joke in the 70s?

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