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If you subscribe to my newsletter, then you already know that I have a number of pet peeves when it comes to traveling. One of the biggest, which seems to be an epidemic right now (and just not on airplanes but in restaurants, grocery stores, the beach), is people talking on FaceTime or watching movies without headphones. It drives me nuts and it’s shocking how often it happens. It’s become so normal and the perpetrators are people of all ages and from all walks of life. These are my top 10 air travel pet peeves and how to deal with them.

What I’m about to show you just happened on a flight, and you would think that people would know better. But check out this short clip of a guy clipping his fingernails. Passenger Shaming shared it on their Instagram account with the caption: “Kindly keep your personal grooming…PERSONAL. You are on PUBLIC transportation. I don’t want your fingernails flying into my food, drink – or eyeballs.”

Passenger Shaming’s comment, along with the other top-rated comments, pretty much sum up the way I feel and I’m guessing the majority of travelers feel the same way, too.


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passengershaming: STRAIGHT TO JAIL

annqvu: Do people ever see themselves doing things like this? I mean, does another person who clips their nails on a plane see ‘themselves’ in this clip and go … ’I do that!??‍♂️ I wonder if I should stop?’ ?

juliebalsiger: There a reason forensic scientists take fingernail clippings during the autopsy…they are loaded with DNA and all sorts of ick. ?

mjvarano: I sent in a photo a while back of someone using an electric hair trimmer in both their nose and ears. I was appalled.

frogsonalilypad: How busy is your life that you need to do this on a flight? ?

mrjdscott: Few things will drive me to rage faster than this.

dr_matey110: The funny thing with this Is that some people would see it and respond like “yeah what the issue?”

The only thing that would make this whole scenario even worse is if this guy started painting his nails after he cut them. And don’t think it wouldn’t happen. I’ve seen it multiple times and I’ve got receipts.

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