I grew up in Connecticut and one of my favorite holidays was Independence Day. As a really young child, I probably had no idea why we were celebrating but all I knew is that my parents took us to fun parties and the beach and we capped it off by watching loud and mesmerizing fireworks. RELATED: Can You Fly With Sparklers or Small Fireworks?

Honolulu Festival fireworks as seen from the Royal Hawaiian Hotel

It was great. However, as I get older, I really understand how dangerous fireworks are to humans and to the environment. Which is why I’m happy to see them starting to get phased out by drone shows. It’s going to take a little getting used to but it’s probably best for everyone.

I now live in L.A. and I had no idea the obsession Angelenos have with fireworks. It actually starts getting quite crazy about two weeks before the Fourth of July as people start lighting their illegal fireworks at all hours of the night. I feel bad for the animals and those trying to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

I’m not a grumpy old man (yet) as I still appreciate them as long as my kids and no one else gets hurt. I also recognize how beautiful they can be. When we used to go to the beach on Long Island Sound once the sun went down, we could see dozens of fireworks shows all along the Long Island shore. It was quite remarkable.

I’m currently in Toronto and for Canada Day (July 1), I had a similar view from where I’m staying. However, nothing beats being in the sky and seeing fireworks going off below as seen in the video below, taken by a passenger on descent into LAX.

Fireworks from above while landing at LAX on 4th of July
by u/bboe in Damnthatsinteresting

One user wrote: “Wow that’s gotta be one of the most incredible things I’ve seen :)” But then another commented: “Man the last few seconds, some of those fireworks were getting pretty close to the flight path…”

Have you ever flown on the Fourth of July or another holiday and seen incredible fireworks? If yes, share in the comments below.

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