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If you’ve watched the news or surfed the web, then you know that excitement is starting to build for the 2024 Total Eclipse happening on April 8. I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about how some airlines are offering special scenic flights in some parts of the country. They sold out in minutes.

Numerous state tourism boards are jumping in on the once-in-a-lifetime experience with all kinds of special events and watch parties. My sister, who is usually late to the game, just called me to ask if I could look up flights for her to visit her friends in Pennsylvania. Yes, I’ve become my family’s travel agent even though I’m not a travel agent. I knew fares would be high but had no idea they would be quadruple what they normally are.

My wife asked me if I had bought any protective glasses and I said, “We’re not in the path.” She said, “Well, our kids’ school just sent out a message that they’re having an eclipse party.”

I immediately logged onto NASA’s Eclipse Explorer website as it lets users input a U.S. city or zip code and the interactive map will show the exact times, a prediction of the corona and a countdown clock. See screenshot below for L.A.

I also inputted Honolulu to see when the good folks in Hawaii will be able to experience it. They will indeed, between 6:49am and 7:37am. See screenshot below.

I’m also certain that as the big day approaches, you’re going to be hearing more and more about it on the news, via social media and through friends. It’s going to be a major event and the FAA just put out a notice to air traffic controllers for “possible impacts to air traffic and airports along the eclipse path during the period April 7, 2024, 1000 UTC through April 10, 2024, 0400 UTC.”

The FAA went on to say that, “Aircraft should be prepared for potential airborne holding, reroutes, and/or Expect Departure Clearance Times (EDCTs) that may be issued for all domestic IFR arrivals and departures. Traffic Management Initiatives (TMIs) are possible. In order to assist FBOs with staging aircraft and to ease ramp congestion, aircraft departing airports along the eclipse path are strongly encouraged to coordinate their departure times as early as possible.”

If you’re in the path or near it, then know that some schools and businesses will be closing. According to the Today Show: “Some schools, like New York state’s Syracuse City School District cite general “safety risks” as a concern. However, staff is expected to report to work on a half-day schedule.”

One of those safety risks is, of course, looking up to the sky at the sun, which is why, if you plan on taking a peek, you better get some safety solar eclipse glasses like these ones, which are made in the USA and are NASA-approved. or make them yourself (see video below). 

YouTube video

To see what it’s going to be like in a particular part of the country, visit:

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  1. ElliottW|

    The $64 question will be the weather. Clear skies are the absolute best experience. Cloudy….meh. I’ve got plane tickets to Oklahoma City but might cancel unless the forecast gets better.

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