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My buddy Gary Leff from View from the Wing finds some interesting airline stories. One of his latest that caught my eye was a story titled: American Airlines Lost Luggage Delivered By Man In ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Shirt, Political Statement Or Poor Taste? RELATED: Airline lost your luggage? Do this if you want to get compensated

American Airlines delivery person wears Let's Go Brandon t-shirt on the job.
Gary shared a tweet from @sallyz98 with the description: “Got my bags! Thanks for making a political statement while delivering my bags AA! Very inclusive airline indeed. You should invest in none-political shirts for your employees. He reps AA not Dems or Reps while delivering bags and companies shouldn’t be political.”

As you can see from the embedded post below, the delivery man was wearing a Let’s Go Brandon T-Shirt with an image of Donald J. Trump Sr. wearing sunglasses. As you can imagine, everyone has something to say. Including American Airlines (@AmericanAir) who replied to the tweet with: “We hear your comments, and we’re sorry for the disappointment. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention, and we’ll escalate appropriately. However, we want to inform you that a third party company handles all baggage deliveries.”

The other comments on the tweet aren’t worth sharing but there are some in Gary’s comment section that are interesting, including:

DW: “So, the luggage was delivered by a firm AA paid to deliver the bag (or a firm hired by a firm hired by AA). I find it hard to blame AA. And, while I think public-facing employees should not have political attire, this is one I care little about. My opinion is unaffected by whether the shirt is pro-Trump or pro-Biden (or anti either).”

KL: It’s an inappropriate work shirt but likely the bag delivery is outsourced and the guy is not an American Airlines employee.

A: Is this person even employed by AA. My understanding is that the people who deliver misplaced bags are contracted to the Airline and not actual employees. Hard to understand why anyone would care what the person is wearing as long as they got their bags back. Did he feel the shirt harmed him or his bag in some way? Guess this proves how easily some people can be triggered.

JNS: If pins in support of one group or another are allowed, shirts like that one should also be allowed. The best solution would be to ban all political or group based clothing and footwear. This would include rainbow colored and may even blue and red.

I showed the post to my wife who said that he has the right to freedom of expression. I disagree. Although, I firmly believe in the first amendment, I do think he’s representing American Airlines (AA) and even though AA and other airlines farm out their lost bag deliveries to a third party, there should be some kind of dress code like the airlines have on planes.

Oftentimes, you read about passengers who are wearing something in violation of the airline’s dress code, being asked to put a new shirt on, cover it up or they may even get kicked off the plane if they’re wearing something with profanity. Remember the poor mother who wore F Fentanyl after her son overdosed? I think we can all agree on the message but is it appropriate to wear a swear word out in public or on a plane where you’re trapped with that person for up to 18 hours and where there are children present?

Here’s American Airlines dress code policy on their conditions of carriage: “Dress appropriately; bare feet or offensive clothing aren’t allowed.”

Should this apply to their third-party vendors? It’s debatable but I think third party companies should require uniforms or at least a universal shirt for their employees showing the name of the company so you know it’s not someone trying to steal your packages or rob your house.

As a traveler I wouldn’t make a big deal out of this delivery man and I certainly wouldn’t want him to be fired. All I would care about is getting my lost bag back as fast as possible, in tact and with all of its content inside.

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2 Comments On "American Airlines lost luggage delivered with a political message and it sparks a discussion"
  1. Marlin|

    Maybe he knows a guy named Brandon and likes him.

    Personally, is this really that big of a deal, no matter what the message? I know you hate Trump, but is this the hill to die on?

    I guess if the customer really hated this shirt, he should have refused the delivery. That’s as close as you can get to, don’t do business with a company you don’t like what the company (or employee) believes.

  2. Elena|

    That’s not good to complain about somebody’s shirt. If you have a kid don’t let him or her stare at somebody’s clothes, give them a phone, but let me tell you, kids these days know more than you think. I don’t care if it’s political or not, because I don’t care about politics, all are corrupt in my opinion, from Romania to US, I am Romanian living in US. Now, why I kinda fell this guy is because I Am wearing shirts with metal bands too and I can see people staring at me, especially when I am wearing the ones with Death( is a death metal band from US), when I’am wearing the ones with My Dying Bride, Opeth, etc maybe they don’t stare to much, but still, I can see in their eyes some disgust about an old woman wearing these types of shirts. I am listening to these bands since I was a teenager, all I can say I am not wearing these shirts at work, but I am wearing them in the planes, I didn’t have problems, not yet and I’ll hope nobody will complain ever about my shirts. I love my shirts and I love my music ❤.

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