In a soon-to-be-viral video, an American Airlines passenger can be seen dancing in the aisle of what looks to be either an A321 or a 737. It appears the TikToker placed his camera on the floor just behind first class and in front of economy.

You can see the two passengers on the aisles of the bulkhead filming him (one secretly and the other not so much). You can watch his dance below:



@bigbam.theory I mean what’s up?! #fyp #tuh ♬ II HANDS II HEAVEN – Beyoncé

Big Bam, the name the artist goes by on TikTok, captioned his video with, “I mean what’s up?! #fyp #tuh.” I realized I am not hip anymore because I barely understand what this means.

But he did make a second video, which gives a little background and explains exactly what’s going on in the bizarre video. He says:

– Permission was granted to film by attendant and guests sitting in seats.
– We were in a delay at gate, still waiting for another flight to land.
– Remember, always ask surrounding people for consent and do your research on where and how you can film in public areas safe and legally.

@bigbam.theoryHere y’all go 🙏🏾✨ – Permission was granted to film by attendant and guest sitting in seats  –  We were in a delay at gate still waiting for another flight to land – Remember always ask surrounding people for consent & do your research on where & how you can film in public areas safe and legally 🙏🏾😉😘♬ original sound – BigBam.Theory

This is one of those videos that has me shaking my head and saying, “Kids these days.” I don’t live under a rock, so I know kids across the globe are doing these viral TikTok dances all over the places including, it seems, in the aisle of a plane.

Here are some of the reactions and surprisingly, I couldn’t find one negative out of the 800+ comments:

Pslovemorgan: Lmfao the attendant speeding up behind you is sending me.

Kenya: I thought this was a green screen until the flight attendant intervened. 🤣

Jamestina: Wait this isn’t green screen💀😂

Roi Jadian: Me on my next flight

BBKAY_LA: I hope you’re on my next flight 😂

This passenger tried to make the most of a lengthy delay and he not only asked the flight attendant for permission but also asked the surrounding passengers so I give him points for that. At the end of the day, it was just a little fun even if it’s a bit of a head-scratcher for the non-TikTok generation. I’d rather have this guy on my flight any day over the unruly passengers we’ve grown accustomed to seeing starting fights, being rude and otherwise disrupting flights.

Maybe I should have made a video like this when we had a long delay on our American Airlines flight to Hawaii last month. On our flight, the captain got on the PA and said he’s “not really feeling it” and refused the aircraft, which would soon need maintenance. Here’s that story.

H/T View from the Wing


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