One of the tips I wrote for my 2022 Summer Travel Survival Guide was to reserve your airport parking in advance if you’re planning on driving. But I think it’s so important that it deserves a dedicated post. First of all, most airports are encouraging travelers to either take public transportation or get a ride to the airport.

However, if you are driving, they highly recommend reserving a parking spot in advance. Because of the pandemic, travelers habits have drastically changed. Many don’t want to take public transportation or drive in a ride share for fear of being exposed to the virus. I know it doesn’t make much sense since they’re heading to an airport to board a metal tube full of people from around the world. But more and more people are driving.

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There are a number of reasons to pre-pay your airport parking but the top two reasons are:
1. You will be guaranteed a spot
2. You will save money since many offer discounts for paying in advance

I don’t know about you but years ago, I rolled up to LAX to park my car and the lot I always parked in was full. I was already running late thanks to traffic and lot after lot had signs out front that read “Lot Full.” It was a terrible feeling and thanks to the pandemic, it’s even worse.

Each airport has their own website to pre-pay so do your research. In the past I’ve used but I don’t park at the airport anymore. I usually take a Blacklane car (I’m a brand ambassador for the reliable car service) or I get a friend to take me or I use a ride share. Prior to the pandemic, I also often took public transportation but not in L.A. (my home airport).

FYI: lets you book airport parking at more than 100 airports in the U.S. and Canada, from Albany to Winnipeg. You can even find exclusive deals that you won’t find anywhere else. And with over 6,000,000 reservations made and 600,000 user reviews on the site, the site makes it easy to book airport parking in a lot that best suits you.

Don’t just take my word about airports being full. Below are some tweets from airports around the world that were tweeted just in the last 24 hours, encouraging their customers to book in advance.

Newark Liberty International Airport
Newark Liberty International Airport sent out this tweet this morning: @TSA screened over 2.4 million passengers nationwide on Sunday – the highest totals since Feb 11, 2020. Airports are BUSY so…

1️⃣Budget extra time to get through security
2️⃣Use mass transit & AirTrain #EWR
3️⃣Only drive to EWR if you have a pre-booked parking (spots limited).

LaGuardia Airport
LaGuardia Airport Wear a Face Covering. @LGAairport #LGA Parking is filling up. Choose the free LGA Link Q70
bus with service to the subway.

Myrtle Beach International Airport
Myrtle Beach International Airport tweeted: A busy travel weekend is on final approach. For a smooth experience: ? Allow extra time for traffic & parking. ✈️ Check flight status prior to arriving at MYR. ⏱️ Arrive 2-3 hours early. ? @AskTSA for screening questions. ?️ Use the cell-lot to wait for arriving passengers.

CLT Airport
CLT Airport Parking will be in high demand this Fourth of July weekend. Don’t wait until the day of your flight. Be sure to visit or the #CLTairport app now to book official Airport parking online.

DFW Airport
DFW Airport: Hi TKTK, if all the available offers have been claimed, that does not mean there will not be spaces available. We do this to ensure that there are enough spaces available for those who pre-pay for parking as well as those who pay at the airport.

Chicago’s O’Hare International
Chicago’s O’Hare: Traveling soon w/ plans to park at O’Hare? Check parking lot status before you arrive.

Glasgow Airport
Even international airports are recommending it. Glasgow Airport in Scotland tweeted:
You can roll up but we are extremely busy and cannot guarantee a parking space if not prebooked during busy periods

Belfast City Airport
Belfast City Airport: We have 3 on-site car parks for you to choose from & pre-booking parking in advance of travel will save you money. For more information on all our car parks, including disabled parking.

Melbourne Airport
Melbourne Airport: We want to assure customers who have already booked online that your space is guaranteed. We’re busy, though, so pls allow enough time to find a park before your flight. We have extra parking staff to help out & bus services to transport you from the Value Car Park to terminals.

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    Just got back from europe. was wondering if u would consider an article re tipping. I was in Ireland, england, switzerland and germany. Never knew if tips were in the bill

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    Recommendations or cautions about park-sleep-fly arrangements would be appreciated. Limited available reviews of and sound very negative. Do any hotels offer park-sleep-fly packages without going through these websites?

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