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I grew up in Connecticut with dogs always in the house, usually puppies that my siblings had brought home from a friend’s house. My dog died just before I went off to college and it hit me hard. After that, I went to school in California and I didn’t get another dog, and once I graduated, I started traveling professionally. RELATED: TSA Discovers a Cat and Dog in Passenger Luggage in Two Separate Incidents — Here’s the Proper Way to Travel With Your Pet

I would love to have a dog but they are a lot of responsibility. I know this because all three of my siblings have always had dogs in their houses ever since our childhood and I used to housesit for them before I had kids.

Now that I have kids, they’ve been petitioning me and my wife to get them one. But we travel so much internationally, I don’t think it’s fair and boarding one is so expensive. Even traveling domestically with a pet is expensive … unless you pretend it’s a service animal, which unfortunately, so many people do.

Fortunately, the airlines are cracking down on this but some owners, like the one I’m about to tell you about, aren’t going to let a pet interfere with their vacation.

According to the Pittsburgh Gazette, “A traveler abandoned her dog early Friday before boarding a flight at Pittsburgh International Airport. According to Allegheny County Police, the incident occurred about 5:30 a.m., when officers were alerted that a dog had been found in a stroller designed for human babies near a short-term parking area.”

The woman allegedly left the dog behind after being told that “the stroller was an improper carrier for the animal and couldn’t be taken aboard her plane. She then flew on to a resort destination.”

The Allegheny County Police Department tweeted the story with important life advice: “Don’t leave your pets behind! This morning at approximately 5:30 a.m., ACPD officers working at Pittsburgh International Airport were called to assist with a dog that was found unattended in a stroller on airport property.”

The good news is that, according to a local Pittsburgh ABC News affiliate, “The dog’s owner is expected to face a charge of animal abandonment.”

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7 Comments On "Woman Abandons 'Emotional Support Dog' at Pittsburgh International Airport When Airline Says It Didn’t Meet the Requirements"
  1. JONSAT|

    What kind of writer would make this news story about HIM? Get a life.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Not sure how it’s about me. I was trying to show I know there’s a lot of responsibility to own a pet. Some don’t think so

  2. Dana|

    Pretend? Stop belittling the disabled. They can go on vacation too. There is quite a process to get a pet qualified as a service animal, too.
    She made a poor decision, but ridicule is uncalled for.

  3. Lyndaroux|

    She made a very poor decision and should be fined for abandoning her dog. The right thing to do was to book a later flight and take responsibility for her dog. It was a very selfish act.

  4. Jane|

    That woman doesn’t deserve a dog. I hope that the consequence she faces is severe and that some steps are taken to ensure that she never gets another animal to abandon or abuse. I can’t believe that anyone would defend this despicable excuse for a human being.

  5. Mary Bray|

    I’m with you Johnny, and thank you for bringing attention to the fact that pets of any description are a responsibility.

  6. Anonymous|

    If I am going to fly, I would get and pay someone to take care of my pet. That way you avoid all the hassle of the airport rules. They already check you to see if you’re carrying something illegal and that is nerve-racking enough.

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