One of my basic travel tips is to use a food delivery service instead of ordering room service from a hotel. There are a few reasons I recommend this: 1. It’s usually much cheaper. 2. The food is much tastier 3. You can get a more local experience. 4. You can support small businesses and locals instead of large corporations. RELATED: An Uber Eats Delivery Scam That Some Drivers Try to Pull

However, after watching the video embedded below and reading this post on X, formerly known as Twitter, by prolific tweeter Ed Krassenstein, I’m not so sure I’m going to keep recommending this practice unless something changes.

“Will you ever order food from a food delivery service again after watching this video? This is about as disgusting of a story you will hear. A person in Long Beach, California ordered Mexican hibachi via GrubHub. When the driver went to pick up the food, the restaurant’s CEO, Martin Luzanilla, noticed that he had opened the food in his car and was eating it. So Luzanilla went outside and approached the driver, who shoveling the food into his mouth, as part of the food was falling out of his mouth and back into the container. Thankfully Martin called the person who ordered the food to let them know not to eat it. That person had already received the food and it was already all repackaged to look like no one ate it. Martin then thankfully made the customer new food.”

As Ed pointed out, Grubhub of course quickly released the following statement: “We have no tolerance for misconduct on our platform. The vast majority of our orders are completed without incident or complaint, and when things don’t go as planned, we work hard to make things right. Upon hearing of this situation, we took immediate action and suspended the driver from our platform. We’ve also reached out to the diner to address and help resolve the situation.”

It appears this is not the first time this has happened as Lynne in North Carolina commented: “I can tell you the same story from a sushi place where my niece is a waitress. The staff had forgotten the sauce and they went out to catch the driver to hand it to them and they were just gobbling down food. OMG no thank you.”

As @KiraaWells posted, “I’m calling the headquarters of Grubhub and demanding a refund, plus a cancellation of my subscription service!”

Another said something similar: “That’s disgusting and just flat-out wrong. The driver didn’t pay for the food that is stealing. I will never order from a food delivery service.”

My wife and I often order food in when we’re traveling. We do it occasionally at home when one of the food delivery apps offers a good discount code but when we’re home, I usually pick the food up myself for this very reason … and also because the delivery companies often pull a bait and switch with all of the fees and then you’ve got to give the driver a good tip. I also find it much quicker when I go to pick it up myself.

However, that’s kind of an inconvenience. I really wish that more restaurants would create a fool-proof method so drivers can’t tamper with your food; I’m seeing some restaurants package their food using a tamper-proof tape. But if more establishments don’t address this problem, videos like this are going to put a serious dent in their business. I’m certainly going to think twice before ordering food again. How about you? Have you ever had a driver eat or steal your food? FYI: Here’s an Uber Eats delivery scam that some drivers try to pull.


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