What to do if you don't like the hotel pillowMy biggest beefs with sleeping in hotels are: the pillows are too bulky or the bedspreads are too heavy. For the latter, I usually call down to the front desk and ask for light blanket, and that does the trick.

However, for the pillow situation, not all hotels offer a variety of pillow shapes and styles (especially the budget hotels). I don’t travel with a pillow from home since I never have enough room in my bag, but a solution dawned on me the other day while walking through Walmart (pictured above). As long as you’re traveling where there are major stores like Walmart, Target and Costco, you can simply buy a pillow for cheap. I’m talking under $5, so makes sense to buy one you like and use only for your stay. You can then bring the new pillow home, leave it at the hotel or donate to a local shelter.

Have you tried this? Would you?




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6 Comments On "What to Do If You Don't Like the Hotel Pillow"
  1. Stefani Brancato|

    I have placed folded bath towels in a pillow case for a lower/softer pillow.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Great idea!

  2. David Miller|

    Buy a down pillow (no feathers) – it will compress down next to nothing and can/will fit into your luggage.

  3. Janet|

    Oh I like that idea – hotel pillows, in general, creep me out!

  4. Valerie Caragianes|

    Buy an inflatable pillow—many sizes available and many with their own cases. I travel with one that I don’t totally inflate to keep it softer and I bring my own zip pillow case that adds softness as well.

  5. zack|

    I know this wasn’t exactly your question, but last year I went on a trout fishing excursion to Calgary Alberta. Delta would’ve charged me $25 each way to bring my $75 fishing pole as a checked bag. I’ve been fishing my whole life and I know you can get a good pole for $40-$50. I googled sports stores before I left, found the one right by my hotel And called for a price. The whole thing took me two minutes. When I got there I bought the pole brought my fishing reel with me and donated the polls to my hotel at the end of the week since it was right next to the river because they said they get the kids all the time who ask if they have a fishing pole they can use! I’d much rather get my 50 bucks to the hotel to give A pole to kids then give Delta of the same $50 for a checked bag fee!

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