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As per usual these days, I was up in the middle of the night working because I couldn’t sleep. I always scan my Twitter feed when I noticed Laurel Chor’s  tweet flow in. Laurel is a photographer and journalist for NatGeo Explorer with credits from (per her Twitter bio): @natgeo @wsj @getty @latimes @afp @reuters @nytimes @washingtonpost @vicenews @hbo @nbcnews.

Who better to cover what it’s like to travel internationally these days than a photojournalist? Laurel fired off a series of tweets documenting her experience about what it’s like to fly from Paris to Hong Kong (via London) and they were eye-opening to say the least. Here they are embedded in order and I suggest you follow her for some follow-up.

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I know many Americans would be against the government making you wear a trackable bracelet and downloading an app that can tell if you’ve been in contact with someone who tested positive but if the USA really wants to contain this virus, that’s what we need to do. Otherwise, it’s going to get ugly like the second wave of the Spanish Flu.

Obviously, I could do without the eight-hour wait to be tested but I imagine that will speed up in time. Just like the U.S. did after they announced the European ban.

What do you think?

6 Comments On "What It's Like to Arrive in Hong Kong and Why The USA Should Follow Its Lead"
  1. Kirsten|

    I would like the USA to follow Hong Kong’s lead. But realistically, I don’t believe we will. Because, freedom et al. The right thing to do to keep everyone safe here seems to be very different from what people will actually put up with.

  2. TDHill|

    Fascinating! Really interesting to see how other countries are handling it with an organized and systematic approach. I am currently in mandatory 2-week hotel quarantine in the Azores (Portugal) and had the C19 test yesterday, by a medical team in full PPE, with both a throat swab and a nose swab (although the swab was not as long as one I’ve had previously for the flu- it was not even uncomfortable). We had the quarantine declaration and the health forms (with prior flights to list) as well upon arrival, but no test then, app nor tracking device. Police escort to the hotel on a bus was similar. Thanks for sharing

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thanks for sharing your story

  3. M Simons|

    Ok forget travelling for the time being.

  4. Chuck|

    Americans cannot agree on anything let alone an effective CORVID19 test. Who is in the WH and still not wearing a made in USA safety mask in public?

  5. John J|

    8 hours? Oh, my! I guess if they had plenty of bathrooms and la-z-boys I might make it…

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