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Ever heard of indoor skydiving? Did you know it’s a competitive sport?

Competitive indoor skydiving was new to me, as were the maneuvers I was seeing. There’s no arguing that times are changing, and it’s worth remembering that sports are evolving, too. Based on this four-minute video, one of the most exciting new sports might be indoor skydiving (made possible with vertical wind tunnels).

When I saw a clip from the video above on Instagram, I was immediately drawn to it. In addition to introducing the sport, it focuses on the experience of Kyra Poh, a 17-year-old from Singapore. Kyra has won 33 medals at indoor skydiving competitions all over the world and holds three Guinness World Records, including one for the most backwards somersaults performed in a wind tunnel in one minute⁠: 68!

Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as easy as it looks. In the video, Kyra talks about how she got into indoor skydiving and the busy schedule it requires of her. She wakes up every day at 6:20am for school, doesn’t get out until the evening, eats in the car on the way to the iFly Tunnel (they have locations around the world, including dozens in the U.S.), trains until 10pm, and then begins her homework at 11pm. She says she sometimes doesn’t finish until 2am or 3am!

It’s a really interesting video, and it makes me want to try indoor skydiving. I might just pay the iFly Tunnel a visit the next time I’m in Singapore or Hollywood (where there’s a location). However, I won’t be doing all the crazy flipping, spinning and performing stunts that Kyra does.

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