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Have you ever seen Naomi Campbell’s airport routine? Last year, the British model and actress posted the video above to her YouTube channel. In it, she talks to the camera as she makes her way through the airport, including through security, to her front-cabin seat on a Qatar Airways flight (she’s flying to Doha). In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak—and all the interest in hygienic travel habits—it seemed like a good time to feature it, as the way she cleans and prepares her seat is something to behold.

Earlier this week, I featured the video in this post on things to bring when flying during the coronavirus outbreak. One of the things I recommend in that post is a disposable seat cover, which you can use to create a barrier between you and your possibly (likely) dirty airplane seat. In the video, Naomi pulls out a bright pink seat cover and drapes it over her seat, which she has just finished wiping down very thoroughly (so thoroughly that the passenger behind asks jokingly if Naomi will do the same for her seat). She adds that she always brings this type of cover and often buys them at airports. Hotels, she says, will clean them so that they’re ready again for future flights.

As a germaphobe myself, I’ve been wiping down my airplane seats since long before COVID-19 came about. I’ll be bringing seat covers, meanwhile, on my flights in the immediate future. So to me, Naomi Campbell’s airport routine (and plane routine) is both fun to see and maybe a good model, especially right now. Do you agree?

What do you think of Naomi Campbell’s airport routine? And what’s your routine?

What do you think of Naomi Campbell’s airport routine? Do you have one yourself, both at the airport and on the plane before you take off? Please share your thoughts and your own habits in the comments below!

Video: Naomi Campbell's airport routine


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    She is doing so many things wrong, I don’t know where to begin. All that made easier by being in first class and not blocking anyones path while she’s doing it. Also, no onee sitting next to her. Pluheeze….

    Still….doing something is better than doing nothing.

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