Here’s one way to breeze through airport security. An anonymous passenger can be seen checking her tickets as she walks through an airport in just a face mask and a thong bikini.

The viral video was posted to Instagram by Humans of Spirit Airlines and has been viewed more than 100,000 times. Their caption reads, “When you have a pool party at noon and a Spirit Airlines flight to catch at 4pm.”

I’m not sure which airport this is but rumors say it’s Miami Airport. If it is MIA, then this woman definitely has thick skin since it’s one of the coldest airports I’ve ever been in. I was told by an airport official years ago that they purposely keep it cold to keep viruses at bay.

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However, according to the NY Post, “a spokesman for Spirit Airlines said the viral video is “unverified” and that “This account often falsely attributes photos and videos to Spirit Airlines. The video could have been taken at any time or any place and it has no identifying characteristic of any airline. I checked, and we have no record of this on file.”

I’m surprised there are no other news stories, images or videos of the woman boarding the flight. My guess is that she threw on some clothes after going through security to warm up and to make sure she’s allowed to board the flight. Most gate agents and flight attendants wouldn’t allow a passenger to board this way.

Dress Codes on Major US Airlines
Of course, most airlines have a dress code; you can find them in the contract of carriage, which you agree to every time you purchase a flight. Here are the contracts of carriage for the major US airlines:

Alaska Airlines
American Airlines
Delta Air Lines
Hawaiian Airlines
Spirit Airlines
United Airlines

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