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Living in Southern California, you see all kinds of crazy things that make you shake your head in disbelief. Most of the time, it involves lawless drivers swerving in and out of traffic. Here are few incidents that I’ve written about:

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Fortunately, I was out of town for the latest incident, which occurred on July 5, because it took place on a road I’ve taken hundreds, if not thousands, of times: the Sepulveda Tunnel, heading northbound towards LAX. It’s right under a runway and almost always has traffic. This incident no doubt made life miserable for some travelers running late to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

The Los Angeles Airport Police Department (LAAPD) posted the unbelievable incident on their Facebook page (embedded above). “In an unusual incident, a large boat found itself wedged inside the Sepulveda Tunnel near LAX. The vessel’s sheer size proved too much for the tunnel’s clearance, causing a traffic standstill. Quick-thinking LAXPD police officers had to close down the affected lanes, carefully maneuver the boat in reverse, and eventually guide it back onto Imperial Highway. The spectacle left commuters both bewildered and amused, as they watched this nautical mishap unfold in an unexpected urban setting.”

South Bay Responders found a video (embedded above) and captioned it: “Boat gets stuck on Northbound lanes of LAX tunnel on Sepulveda Blvd?‍♂️ Out of all days it had to be the day after 4th of July. Took some time for it to get cleared out, incident happened at around 1:45PM.”

Here are some of the comments:

@Stonephotogear: “Hey boss man, you’re not gonna like this…”

@cosmik.cowgirl: Man someone is sooo fired

@SJeff Reymend: Definitely should have checked his permits and called CHP commercial unit to see if he was off route or even had the correct permits.

@Michael Brining: Duh hope the driver took home a ticket as a lovely parting gift.

@201expresstransport: Gonna take about an hour and probably a ticket from the DOT or cops but take the tire pressure down and drop the airbags on the truck and trailer and he will be good to go. Should have known his route though with a wide load.

When I’m not traveling with my kids, I usually leave home at the very last minute to get to the airport since I’m not checking a bag and I have Clear and TSA PreCheck, so I can roll right up to my gate just as they’re boarding Group 1. I know it’s not the smartest thing and this ridiculous incident is a good example why. You just never know what’s going to happen, which is why it’s always best to leave plenty of time to get to the airport – especially LAX.

TIP: Driving to LAX? Always check @flyLAXstats on X to see what traffic is like going into the airport and more importantly, around the horseshoe, which is usually the culprit for mass congestion. Oftentimes I get dropped off at Arrivals and picked up at Departures to avoid the mess because it’s normally just one level that is a zoo.


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