Check the country's border laws before traveling with a pet thereDid you know that pets don’t need passports to travel internationally? You might have guessed. (Though falconers in parts of the Middle East need them for their falcons.) But depending on where you’re going, you may need to bring proof of vaccinations, etc. to successfully bring your pet through customs (or even onto the plane), if you can bring a pet at all. Here’s what the State Department tweeted last week:

Enter the country you’re traveling to on this page to see all that you need to know about travel there, including with a pet. And if you can’t find what you need online, remember that you can always call a consulate and ask.


Airline Policies for Flying With Pets

Traveling with Pets Guide



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3 Comments On "Check the Country's Border Laws Before Traveling There With a Pet"
  1. Wayne Brubaker|

    Get a PetPass instead. Go to I got one for my cat and its super cool. Its like a passport, but its where I keep all my pet’s info. Here’s what I copied from their website….
    The Pet Pass is a great and fun way to keep track of your pets’ travels and information. You can log all the exciting adventures that you and your companion share together. The Pet Pass is the size of a standard passport booklet. It has a spot for your pets picture and paw print to uniquely identify your pet. There is locations to put all of your pets identifying information, e.g.: Micro Chip #, Tattoo, registration, etc. There is also a page with useful information when traveling with your pet. There are 9 pages to document your travels using stamps, pictures, etc. All the information in the The Pet Pass is in English, French and Spanish. It has everything that you would want and more to document your pets travels. (note: this is not a legal passport and not required for traveling)

    1. Johnny Jet|

      thanks for the tip

  2. Nadia Wenell|

    Hi Johny,
    This is a great newsletter and more so that it involves pets. I have travelled with my cat to Europe a few times and I know you don’t need a passport but because my cat was such a big part of my family, I wanted her to get a passport of her own – to be part of the family :) I wasn’t able to find any and so I decided to design and professionally print them. They are not just a pet novelty item, but you can keep all your pets info in there much like your own passport. You have 2 pages dedicated to vaccination, as you know you need this when traveling, and more info areas. When I did travel to Europe with my cat, all I had to do is ask the customs agent to stamp her passport and they did it with a smile.
    I also sell stickers that look like stamps of all 50 US states, in case you just travel within the US. I just wanted to share this with you and your readers as stories about traveling with pets don’e come by so often.
    You can see all this on my website.

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