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Earlier this week, we wrote about packing cubes. They’re an organized traveler’s best friend and can be used for a multitude of things. I use them to separate my clothes from my kids clothes. But I also use them for shoes or to keep all my hair things in one place (hair dryer, flat iron, hair dryer brush, hair brush and hair products) or to keep all the kids toiletries in one place. It’s made an enormous difference to the way I pack. My suitcase never looks like it exploded all over the place anymore and I can always easily locate whatever I’m looking for. I also feel like that I can fit more in my suitcase by using packing cubes.

These packing cubes are similar to the ones I use – a set of 4, two medium-sized and two large. They have double zippers and a mesh top panel for easy identification of the contents inside.

We received a few comments from readers also extolling the virtues of packing cubes. If you’re not currently using them when you travel, I think you’ll find they’re a game-changer.

“I use something for shirts, underwear, and socks. They are great. These cubes look even better and will work perfectly for pants and loose items. Thanks for the tip, Johnny!” says Ted. While TDHill says, “I also like using packing cubes of different colors which you can delegate by person, or by the stored product type, or … any way you want to organize.” I totally agree.

But the comment that inspired this post came from Sandra, who says, “I found some packing cubes from Tripped on Amazon which can compress the cubes to save even more space. I don’t travel anywhere without them.”

While I haven’t used compression packing cubes myself, I’ve heard many travelers rave about them and I’ve used other compression storage bags and agree that they’re major space-savers, so it only makes sense to use them for packing when space is at a premium. The Tripped compression packing cubes that Sandra is referring to come in a set of two, three and six and are available in a variety of colors if you want to color code by person or item. They aren’t vacuum sealed but rather use a two-zipper design to remove the air and eliminate wasted space.

So, if you want to be the most organized traveler you can be, save space so you can fit things more efficiently in your suitcase and not waste valuable time rummaging through your suitcase looking for things, then compression packing cubes are just the thing for your next trip. Buy compression packing cubes here on Amazon.

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