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Mary Kalymnou

Mary Kalymnou (marykalymnou)
I’ve written before how I love to follow commercial flight attendants and pilots on Instagram for inspiration and insider knowledge. One job I totally forgot about is that of a private flight attendant. I was reminded by a CNN article (per MSN) about private flights attendants like Kimberley Benton, who’s been working in the industry for nine years. She’s traveled to more than 130 countries and on 27 different types of business jets!

The 32-year-old told CNN Travel that her VIP customers—which include celebrities—”expect you to know exactly what they want, when they want it and it could be something as little as as soon as they get on the plane they want a shot of a Nespresso, the foot rest up and their Sunday Times [newspaper] waiting for them.”

Also featured in the story is Mary Kalymnou, who’s worked as a private flight attendant for 13 years and documents her travels for 23,000 followers on Instagram. Of the job, she says, “It requires a lot of patience, flexibility, and for sure—high levels of self-esteem. The clients expect the best, the operators demand the highest so you must be willing and of course be able to offer the best of yourself.”

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