Cathy Brown (cathybrown2100)
Cathy Brown grew up in Michigan but has been living with her three kids in southern Argentina for nearly a decade. With her roots firmly planted in the mountains near El Bolsón (in the province of Río Negro), she continues to seek (and usually find) the world at its best, often in the most rugged and colorful corners of Latin America. Her Instagram account (cathybrown2100) offers a look at life in Patagonia, off-the-grid South American landscapes, and the unforgettable returns that come only with a true and unwavering sense of adventure.

Cathy has been a friend of since she spoke with our editor on a media panel in Nairobi, Kenya in 2015. Give her a follow!

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  1. Gerardo Cantore|

    What good luck your three children have, to live in a place like this, with complete education and care, in the midst of the purest nature.
    We have also chosen this place, to raise our children, incomparable, beautiful, healthy, balanced ideal for development.

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