"Motel Vegas" by Fred Sigman

Art historian and photographer Fred Sigman released a book last week titled “Motel Vegas.” In the book, per Amazon, Fred “documents the art and history of Las Vegas motels and classic neon signage that contributed to the drive for preservation and restoration during the mid-90s. Motel Vegas provides a nostalgic look into the ever-evolving landscape that is classic Las Vegas. As the boom in building casinos moved to the southern end of the Strip, some of the classic motels from the 50’s and 60’s near downtown and Fremont Street have been able to survive in relative obscurity.

“Sigman’s photographs provide insight on how the economic prosperity of Las Vegas fueled the drive for tourism, while forcing change for others. Based on previous exhibition held at the OKHarris Gallery and Smallworks Gallery. Over 75 large format photos from the most historic motel locations in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Foreword by award winning architect and author Alan Hess.”

Grab it: Grab “Motel Vegas” by Fred Sigman on Amazon for $24.18.

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