"Dream Walker" by Larry ProsorLarry Prosor knows how to capture a sense of place. He has spent a successful career taking breathtaking photography in various places around the globe. In his debut novel, “Dream Walker,” Prosor turns his myriad talents toward writing fiction, and his ability to capture a place’s sensibility, beauty and history is as impressive through language as it is through lens.

Dream Walker is a captivating story about the unexpected expedition of a young Native American man through his ancestral past. The story tackles issues of identity, home and the importance of preserving nature and the environment in the face of people who would destroy it in the name of progress. It’s an engrossing adventure story. The book transports readers into its wild and fascinating world of the Noqoto tribe in 18th-century California. Although the vehicle by which Peter learns about his past and gets swept up in the story is tinged with magic, the history of the time and place is very real—as are the threats facing native people and lands.

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