A video circulating on social media shows an apparently drunk woman accosting male German tourists on a New Jersey Transit train bound for Manhattan. It’s not clear what set her off but it’s believed she thought they were talking about her so she aggressively gets in their face and demands they translate what they said. RELATED: Hilarious Video: How to Keep the Seat Next to You Empty on Southwest Airlines or On a Bus or Train

“What did you say, tell me what you said.” Her boyfriend, who seems like a good guy, politely tries to pull her back to her seat while pleading, “Brie, Brie, do not do this, do not do this, you’re going to get arrested.” He then warns her to “please stop this, please. Stop this, or I’m never going to talk to you again.”

Things got ugly when she started calling them “immigrants” and telling them to “get the BLANK out of our country.” Her boyfriend says, “You know I’m an immigrant, I’m an immigrant, too, you know that, right?” And Brie replies laughing, “Yeah … but I’m responsible for you so it’s OK.”

I’m not sure what that means but according to the New York Post, Brie is 30-year-old Brianna Pinnix a New Jersey native who was a talent acquisition specialist at Capital Rx. The reason I say ‘was’ is because after the video circulated on the internet, she lost her job.

Capital Rx released this statement: “Our company has a zero-tolerance policy around prejudicial or discriminatory behavior. After conducting a review of the circumstances, we acted immediately and terminated the employee in question. The former employee’s actions and words are not representative of Capital Rx, and we offer our sincerest apology to those who were hurt.”

You can’t blame them because if she worked for my company, I would let her go, too. There’s just no excuse for this type of behavior and you definitely can’t have someone like her representing your company.

The Post says Pinnix is “a Mahwah native and a 2015 Marymount Manhattan College graduate.” She has since deleted her social media accounts.

To all those international tourists out there, this is not America. We’re a welcoming country, which is why almost every time I see or hear tourists from another country, I go out of my way to make them feel welcome. I also give them local recommendations and ask them where they’re from since chances are I have been there or somewhere nearby. I’m very fortunate to have traveled all over the world and I find that when I let people know I’ve been to where they’re from, they open up right away.

Of course, sometimes people like Brie say things they don’t really mean in a bout of rage. Hopefully she feels terrible about it and can somehow turn this into a learning experience. I’m all for giving people a second chance and hope she can turn lemons into lemonade.

Here’s the video thanks to Brian Krassenstein (@krassenstein):


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2 Comments On "Train Karen: Drunk Woman on New Jersey Transit Accosts German Tourists with Xenophobic Slurs, Loses Job, Reputation and Possibly Her Boyfriend"
  1. Dallett|

    Not quite sure why ‘Karen’ is used in these references about unruly women who can’t control themselves. There are 4 Karen’s that I work with in the company and ALL, are wonderful, kind, non-aggressive, compassionate, and generous people. So negative to call out this name when the aggressive person is named Brianna. Just say Brianna is a horrible person…rather simple.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I agree but that’s the name used in the story we referenced. According to Dictionary.com, “Karen is a pejorative slang term for an obnoxious, angry, entitled, and often racist middle-aged white woman who uses her privilege to get her way or police other people’s behaviors.”

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