Regardless what time of year you’re traveling, hotel rooms can often feel hot and stuffy. If you find yourself in a hotel room that you just can’t make cold enough for your liking, it’s most likely because the hotel set the thermostat to save money. I personally can’t blame them and if I ran a hotel, I would probably do the same thing, especially when guests aren’t even in the room.

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I wrote about this travel hack back in 2016 but recently, I saw that my buddy, Scott Mayerowitz, who is the Executive Editor at TPG and goes by @globetrotscott on social, posted a quick video (see below) about it on Instagram. It’s such a great tip that he inspired me to share it again.

As Scott says: “A lot of times you check into a hotel room, it’s just hot, stuffy and your thermostat won’t go low enough. I’m going to teach you a little trick today to override that thermostat. Shh! Take a look. Here is the INNCOM, one of the most popular thermostats out there. A lot of travel experts will know the VIP Mode. It’s actually been renamed LEN, it actually means Limited Energy Management, I guess they couldn’t get an M, so they went with an N. Let me show you how to get to it. First, hold down the display button, then the off/auto button, then the up temperature (all at the same time). You will see LEN popup and then you can make it as cold as you want in your room. Enjoy!”

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I didn’t know that the function had been renamed LEN, so thanks Scott for the 411! If you’ve tried this hack let me know how it worked for you.


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