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Last week, we ran the tip below about great anti-fog lens wipes for glasses to minimize the fogging up effect caused by face masks. We linked directly to the anti-fog wipes but it seems that many people (including my mother-in-law), mistakenly bought the lens wipes and not the anti-fog wipes. My mother-in-law says the lens wipes are the best she’s used and make her glasses extremely clean. But for the anti-fog properties, be sure to buy the anti-fog wipes. NOTE: If the product is sold out, click on ‘See All Buying Options’ to look for the product from another seller.

As everyone knows, America is going through a rough patch of ridiculously, badly behaving passengers. According to a report by the FAA released three days ago, there have been 5,779 unruly passenger reports since January 1. Out of those 4,156 were passengers who refused to wear a mask.

I get it. No one likes to wear a face mask, including me, but these people have obviously never played a team sport before because all they seem to care about is themselves. Doctors say that if you wear a face mask, you won’t spread your germs like you normally would. It makes sense and is why doctors and nurses wear a mask while performing an operation.

Yes, wearing a cloth or surgical mask is protecting others more than you so if you want to protect yourself, wear a much more durable mask like an N95 or KN95 (here’s where to get them).

But back to the unruly passengers: Don’t think that’s a huge number because it’s not. Doug Parker, the CEO of American Airlines said in a recent New York Times podcast that they fly around 600,000 passengers a day and they only end up banning around two of them. He said it’s a lot and still way up from 2019 but don’t think every time you get on a plane there will be a jackass.

One reason why many people (not the ones who just flat out refuse to wear a mask and end up getting kicked off planes) don’t like to wear a face mask is because it fogs up their glasses or sunglasses. I’ve written about various tricks to try to stop this from happening but none of these solutions seem to last long. RELATED: How to Keep Your Glasses From Fogging Up While Wearing a Face Mask | 3 More Ways to Keep Your Glasses From Fogging Up

That’s where today’s tip comes in. My buddy Scott Carmichael, who used to be the editor of (a once popular travel site), and the marketing guy for Gogo Inflight, is one of the most tech-savvy people I know, behind Leo Laporte and Amber Mac.

Scott also wears glasses and just shared the following on Facebook: “I finally found a fog-free lens wipe that actually works. Wipe your specs, and even with a mask on, your lenses stay fog free. Found these at Sam’s Club. Amazon sells them too …”

Since I know so many people struggle with fogged up glasses when wearing a face mask and since I trust Scott’s recommendation, hopefully the Zeiss Anti-Fog Wipes will be the solution to your problems, once and for all … and maybe even lower the FAA’s number of reported unruly passengers.

 Buy them here on Amazon.

Don’t just take my word. Here’s one of the many messages that I’ve received about them:


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