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Each Friday, we feature a reader-inspired tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s reader tip is a collection of three tips from three different readers, who built on yesterday’s tip about how to keep your glasses from fogging up.

1 First, from Tony: “Yes. That should definitely work. The other option used by scuba divers the world over is to put a small amount of saliva on inside lens of glasses, rub around for a moment and then lightly rinse off in clear (or ocean water). Shake off rinse water. They will dry in a moment. All scuba divers are taught this—you don’t want to be in 30-60’ of water and not able to see out your mask.”

2 Next, from Carolyn: “Another trick scuba divers use is to squirt baby shampoo on the inner lens of your dive mask, rub on and lightly rinse off with clear or ocean water. Then shake dry. Most dive boats offer this to their divers. Works great!”

3 And finally, from an anonymous reader: “Regular ole shaving cream works great too. Just rinse well.”

Thanks, all! I’ve used Tony’s technique many times while snorkeling and I can attest that it works.

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