On Tuesday evening (April 7), Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti announced an order that requires all residents to wear a mask or face covering when venturing outside to visit essential services like grocery stores and pharmacies and to use taxis, among other things. Additionally, workers at all essential services must do the same (the masks must be provided by the employer or they must reimburse workers for the cost of the mask). The order goes into effect on Friday at midnight and will likely expand to more cities across the country.

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As more and more people start wearing masks, life is starting to feel more and more surreal. Of course, the masks are a necessity to help curb the spread of this dangerous, infection disease and as Mayor Garcetti says, “Cover up, save a life — it’s that simple.”

The sight of everyone wearing masks is just so strange. And they cover up your mouth, making it hard to communicate, even non-verbally, with people. My childhood friend Laura Pedrick, a New York Times photographer and Johnny Jet contributor, shared a great idea on Facebook that I thought was really cute and an easy way to spread a little cheer. She drew a happy face on her mask (photo above) and because of it, said people were much friendlier. During these ever-changing and challenging times, I think every little bit of happiness is needed. If this mask puts a real smile on even one person’s face, then it’s worth it.

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And of course, even if you don’t have a mask that you can draw on, any face covering is better than nothing at all. In fact, you may even have a face mask at home and not even realize it. Check out this simple face mask hack!


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