reader-travel-tip2Bring a Second Pair of Glasses
Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Mahomed M., who says:

“Always try to carry a second set of eye glasses. I normally carry an old pair, if the prescription has not changed that much. In case my regular pair breaks or should get lost, I have a backup pair to use until I get back home. To get a replacement pair of glasses could be difficult and expensive depending on where you are.”

A great tip! In fact, when I travel with my dad, I sometimes bring five extra pairs! LOL. Thanks, Mahomed!



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4 Comments On "Reader Travel Tip of the Day: Bring a Second Pair of Glasses"
  1. David Rogers|

    Not only bring an extra pair of glasses but extra contact lens.

  2. Bonnie S.|

    Yes, this is exactly what I do – take my old pair of prescription glasses. Also, I asked my eye doctor what the equivalent of OTC reading glassed would be since I did not have time to get my new prescription before heading out on a long trip. He gave me a great starting point as what strength to consider. OTC Reading Glasses are easy to find and usually very inexpensive.

  3. Virginia Pndr|

    My sister could have used this tip a few years ago. She went to Atlantis with daughter and grand son, and lost her glasses! I wouldn’t do well at all without mine, that’s for sure.

  4. Julie|

    In some European countries, such as Spain, it is a legal requirement to have a spare pair of prescription glasses in the car when driving; failure to do so I believe carries legal penalties.

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