Planning on visiting any of the U.S. National Parks in 2024? Or simply looking for a good, cheap adventure? Then take note of the six days in 2024 on which all National Park Service sites that charge an entrance fee will offer free admission to everyone. These dates are also good to know if you want to avoid the crowds. RELATED: National Park Service Launches New Mobile App
As you probably know, many of the 400+ National Parks and National Park Service sites already don’t charge a fee, so pretty much all of them will be free to visit. Here are all five of the days you can visit National Parks for free in 2024, plus more information, straight from the National Park Service:

Mark the above dates on your calendar and see more information here.


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  1. thomas reiser|

    The annual pass for fee charging national parks is 80.00 and seniors over 62 can get a lifetime pass for the same amount

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