I’m constantly telling my kids (especially my rambunctious six-year-old), to watch where he is walking and running. He’s always on the move and sometimes he trips because he’s not looking ahead at where he’s going. Heck, it can happens to any of us, as it did to my wife last month when she sprained her ankle walking back to our car from the Hollywood Bowl.

It’s common sense to watch where you’re going but these days, thanks to a variety of factors like climate change and old pipes, some destinations are almost becoming minefields. YouTuber Casey Neistat posted a crazy video yesterday on social with the caption, “scary NYC sidewalks.” Casey then steps on a cracked sidewalk, which crumbles and the cement drops down, exposing a small sinkhole. Casey sticks his camera down the hole to show how deep it goes.

YouTube video

It looks like the damage to the sidewalk was caused by a leaking pipe but it could have been from all the rain New York City has been getting. The scary part is that someone could get really hurt, especially a little kid.

However, on social media, followers didn’t seem too concerned about that and many left funny comments. One person said: “That’s a $4200/month 2bed 0.5Bath already furnished with easy access to utilities and Subway” while another quipped, “Don’t let NYC land lords see this. They’ll be advertising a 1 bed studio with a skylight for $3k/mo.” Another said, “This is exactly how the Mario movie started. I’d stay away 😳”

Another person posted on X, “i’ll take the sidewalk sink holes here over the one in SF yesterday 😂” Then posted a massive sink hole in the streets of San Francisco.

A couple of months ago, near where I live in Los Angeles, per KTLA, a massive landslide caused all sorts of damage “when destructive ground shifting forced the evacuation of dozens of homes along Peartree Lane on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. At least twelve homes were red-tagged as unsafe and residents were given just 20 minutes to evacuate.”

The moral of this story is to always be careful and pay attention to where you’re walking and driving. One misstep can injure you, ruin your plans and cost you a lot of money.


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