Now is a good time to remember to pack extra medication
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Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s reader tip comes from reader JoAnn, who—at an appropriate time—shares a reminder to pack extra medication:

“I always pack two days of extra meds in case of a delay. Before a trip to Cancun, I filled my spare med container with a two-week supply, even though our trip was 10 days. We had to overnight in Denver at the beautiful Westin airport hotel, and I somehow left my meds in the hotel and didn’t realize it until we got to Cancun. Fortunately, I had packed enough for two weeks in my extra med container so it was fine. This time I did it by accident, but I will always pack a lot of extra in the future.”

We ran a similar tip a few years back, but it’s been a while—and this is an important one. Nobody wants to be stuck without prescription meds (and the corresponding prescriptions). And right now, with coronavirus fears leaving open the possibility of 14-day quarantines, etc., it’s as good a time as ever to remind yourself to think ahead. Thanks, JoAnn!


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1 Comment On "Now Is a Good Time to Remember to Pack Extra Medication"
  1. Mary Ellen|

    I always carry an updated medicine/vitamin list with me in my wallet. If you end up in any ER or clinic it will be the first info they want. If you aren’t coherent, it is super important!

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