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Coronavirus Dashboard
Worried about the coronavirus (COVID-19)? Who isn’t? As you probably know, it’s a growing concern inside and increasingly outside of China. Since we sent this tip last week, the death toll has risen above 130 (all in China). The number of reported cases has jumped above 6,000, with five tallied in the U.S. At least 20 airports in the U.S. are now screening passengers flying in from Wuhan, as per a briefing in Washington, D.C., yesterday. While “there is no spread of this virus in [the U.S.],” said Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the CDC, in that briefing, “the coming days and weeks are likely to bring more cases including the possibility of person-to-person spread.”

Fortunately, that wasn’t the only takeaway from the briefing. In his own comments, Alex M. Azar, secretary of health and human services, said that “Americans should know this is a potentially very serious public health threat, but at this point Americans should not worry for their own safety.”

How to see where the coronavirus has spread

Personally, I’m taking all the steps I can to stay on top of the situation. I have a trip to Asia, including Hong Kong, in a few weeks and I’m trying to find all the information I can get before I hop on the plane. One of the most comprehensive resources I’ve found is this dashboard set up by Johns Hopkins University. It allows users, primarily, to see where the coronavirus has spread.

In the middle of the dashboard is an interactive map on which reported cases are plotted in red. Bigger red circles (like the main one around Wuhan, China) indicate more cases in that area. You can zoom in and out and move the map as you like. The tool also includes tallies of cases and deaths in raw numbers and additionally categorized by country and region. Importantly, updates are extremely frequent.

So far, I’ve found it extremely helpful. If you have your own tools or resources that you recommend, however, please feel free to share them in the comments below.


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