How to make sure you get the lower room rate at your hotel

Here’s a new app that can help save you money on hotels. With Pruvo, you book your desired hotel room on any website and at any price you like (just make sure it has a free cancellation policy) and then set up a free Pruvo account either on the app (Android or iOS) or website. Once you get your booking confirmation email, you forward it to Pruvo will then monitor your hotel reservation price 24/7 and notify you if and when the price drops so that you can rebook at the lower rate. Note: If you connect with Google and you use Gmail, your new bookings will automatically be imported to Pruvo so there’s no need to forward.

Once Pruvo finds you a lower price for the exact room, it will guide through the process of rebooking and saving money. In general, you want to rebook at the lower price first and then cancel your original refundable reservation. In an interview with, “hotel rates dip downward for 40% of the bookings Pruvo monitors. The average savings is 17%, though Pruvo has seen prices free-fall by as much as 70%.”

Pruvo has high ratings on both apps so it’s definitely worth downloading and testing out. Just make sure you book refundable reservations. Previously featured app DoNotPay offers a similar service, so if you’ve tried both, please let us know which you prefer in the comments below!


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  1. Josh|

    I read about Pruvo on Lifehacker a few months back. Since then, I have sent 5 different hotel bookings and rebooked 3 through Pruvo’s recommendations. Overall savings about $458. Love it!

  2. meg|

    any updates on this? any more reviews?

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