When you book travel, you want the cheapest prices, right? With DoNotPay, you can book flights and hotels knowing that if the price drops, you’ll be automatically rebooked at the new price. The difference is returned to your pocket.

It works like this: You sign up/in with your email and DoNotPay identifies your flight and hotel bookings. Once it’s logged your booking specifics, it proceeds to search for the same flights/hotel rooms on your dates for better prices—every five seconds for a total of ~17,000 times a day. When a lower price is found, in steps the signature robot lawyer (yes). The robot lawyer (essentially an algorithm built to locate certain terms) scans the terms and conditions associated with your initial booking to find a legal loophole it can use to: 1) cancel that booking for a full refund (to your original form of payment), and 2) rebook you at the new price. It’s a new service, so success stories are only starting to trickle in, but it’s supposedly incredibly simple to use.

Even better is the fact that DoNotPay is completely, 100% free to use. The hotel rebooking feature is similar to that of Service, which is also worth a look, but as I wrote here it’s not free (though the cost of the “as you go” option is just a commission). As far as I can tell (I haven’t tried it yet), there’s nothing to lose in trying it.

Note: If the concept of a robot lawyer rings any bells, that may because DoNotPay’s same robot lawyer (or maybe a similar one) gained some renown a while back for helping people get out of parking tickets. That service is still available, and still free. I wrote about that (years ago) here.


6 Comments On "This Robot Lawyer Will Automatically Rebook Your Flight or Hotel if the Price Drops"
  1. Valleycat|

    Sounds interesting. Have you used it? Wondering why they need my credit card? Guessing to post the difference??

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I haven’t used it so please let us know.

  2. Ross Copas|

    You have recommended. DoNotPay
    I csn’t get into Google to try this.
    Is there another way in?

  3. Keith|

    Hi Johnny,
    Love the idea but the software will get full access to your Gmail account it seems.
    This part isn’t really clear: ”
    DoNotPay needs access to your booking confirmation emails. However, it has no access at all to your personal ones. ”
    No contact info, privacy policy, about page.

    What’s your take on this?
    Possibly the best thing to do is create an email account just for booking flights but that might be inconvenient for some people.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Agreed. Create a separate travel email account

  4. meg|

    anyone used this service yet? any reviews on it?

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