On Saturday, I attended a Princess Cruises party for the new CBS show The Real Love Boat. The show is inspired by the long-running, scripted classic about vacationers aboard a luxury Princess Cruises ship. The Real Love Boat is all about romance, chronicling the adventures of real-life singles brought together for a Mediterranean voyage in search of The One.

But while on the ship’s blue carpet, I got to interview some of the original Love Boat  stars and guest stars and asked them each a few questions on camera, including, “What’s your best cruise tip?” Here are their answers:

YouTube video

Ted Lange, AKA Isaac the Bartender on The Love Boat, Shares His Best Cruise Tip
Ted’s tip: “Wear shoes with rubber soles, particularly after you’ve been drinking.”

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Jill Whelan, AKA Vicki Stubing, Shares Her Best Cruise Tip, Travel Tip and Memory From The Love Boat

Jill’s tip: “Bring layers and do not pack your passport in your suitcase.” See the video above for her best travel tip and best memory from being a cast member of The Love Boat. 

YouTube video

Christopher Knight, AKA Peter Brady, Shares His Best Cruise Tips

Christopher Knight, who is best known for his role as Peter Brady in the TV series The Brady Bunch, but had a guest role on The Love Boat, shares his top two cruise tips: “Pack light and don’t eat all the time.”

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Happy Days Star Don Most’s Best Cruise Tip
Don Most, who is best known for playing Ralph Malph on Happy Days but also guest starred on The Love Boat, shares his best cruise tip: ” Make sure you’re going to locations you have an interest in and then do all the excursions. You don’t even have to do an organized one, just have a taxi driver take you around and go.”

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Mackenzie Phillips From One Day at a Time Shares Her Best Cruise Tip

Mackenzie Phillips, best known for her roles in American Graffiti and One Day at a Time, but also had a guest role on The Love Boat, shares her best cruise tip: “I love Princess Cruises, but if you go on Norwegian Cruise Line, book The Haven Deck.” The Haven is the all-suite section of Norwegian Cruise Line ships.

All of the stars were extremely nice and seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves. One of my favorite moments of the party was seeing paying passengers realize that two of the original stars of The Love Boat were on the ship. I caught their reaction in the photo above.

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And if you want to see more interviews from the party, then check out Princess’ recording of their Facebook Live, which was a huge production.

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