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Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Sue K., who shares her experience with Lonely Planet guides over the years:

“Back around 1994, a bookstore manager recommended for travel the Lonely Planet series. She said they have the best and most helpful information available. I have found out over the years how right she was.

“We were planning a trip to Oahu, Hawaii, in 1994. We found this place Waimea Falls Park. The book suggested bringing a swimsuit and towel, but didn’t say why. So we took our suits and towels, when we got there we found out why. There was a beautiful lagoon with lifeguards. We had a wonderful afternoon swimming around in the lagoon. In all the books I had used for research, the Lonely Planet book was the only one that had any info on this.

“Years later, again using a Lonely Planet book we headed to Budapest to visit a friend. We were in Budapest for less than 24 hours when my friend announced she had to go to work. She gave us instructions on how to get to the Castle District. Once we got there we were not sure where to go or what we were seeing. I whipped out my book, opened it up and began reading out loud. What we found was this book had become our own personal tour guide. We would stand in front of a building and then read from the book information about that building, some of the buildings we decided to go into. We went from building to building. It was fantastic!”

Lonely Planet guides are of course beloved by many more travelers than just Sue. And we’ve featured many of them, including the selection below (all available on Amazon). Thanks, Sue!

What’s your favorite travel guidebook or guidebook series?

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  1. John|

    LP online site is also a great source of information. Their Trip Advisor (Thorntree) section allows you to ask and search questions from other travelers. It is categorized by continents and country, I have found it to be a excellent resource over the years.

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