Line your suitcase to ensure your stuff stays dry
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Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Nancy J. of Toronto, who suggests you line your suitcase for peace of mind:

“If traveling with a soft-sided suitcase, ensure you take a second to line the bottom with a large plastic bag and then one on top after you finish packing. When your suitcase is being loaded on to the plane, if bad weather strikes with lightning & rain, it’s mandatory for workers to clear the tarmac. This means your bag sits in the middle of a possible torrential rainstorm…and when you find it on the carousel a few hours later it is **soaked** through! The plastic bag tip only takes a minute and gives you peace of mind knowing your clothes won’t be ruined and/or you won’t have to hang everything to dry at your destination.”

I sometimes put the whole contents of my bag in a large trash bag (like reader Lynne does) for that very reason. It’s better than putting a layer on the top and bottom because those layers could shift in flight. Thanks, Nancy!

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3 Comments On "Line Your Suitcase to Ensure Your Stuff Stays Dry"
  1. Lynn E.|

    I take this hint a step further and pack each outfit including undergarments in an extra-large Ziploc bag. I compress all the air out of the bag so it is flat, thus eliminating any space issues. This way all I have to do is grab a bag out of the suitcase and everything is there and it stays dry too! Plus, you have the extra bags to use for wet/dirty items, shoes, etc.

  2. Anne Reilly|

    Yes, something like this must’ve happened to my suitcase, one time in Italy. When my suitcase was finally delivered to the hotel, after being missing for 5 days, everything inside was mildewed.

  3. LINDEE Gschwind|

    Packing cubes also work and keep your packed items organized, too!

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