With these cheap laundry soap packets, you can pack lighterThere are a lot of advantages to packing light, like:

  • You don’t have to pay airline baggage fees
  • You don’t have to show up to the airport to check your bag
  • You don’t have to wait around for what seems like an eternity for your bag to come out (if it even does)
  • You don’t have to worry about your clothes disappearing and having to wear the same outfit for multiple days
  • You can take public transportation more easily, and therefore save time and money
  • You have more flexibility to change flights, like to take a bump or avoid a lengthy delay

One reason that travelers pack a lot is that most hotels and cruises charge a lot to do laundry. It’s also not that easy to find an outside party to do it for you, and no one wants to hang out at a (usually) seedy laundromat on vacation.

So what can you do? You can bring your own laundry soap, which can be used in the hotel sink or bathtub to clean your clothes. This Lewis N. Clark Woolite Travel Laundry Kit ($16.49) should help. It comes with a 16-pack of individual liquid soap packets and two sink-stoppers to stop the drainage of any tub or sink. This way, you can take enough clothes for just several days—even if you’re going away for several weeks.



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4 Comments On "With These Cheap Laundry Soap Packets, You Can Pack Lighter"
  1. Linda D|

    You can also just use the body wash or shampoo in your room to do laundry. Maybe not perfect for woolens but ok for most all other needs.

  2. Ken|

    I sometimes mail a box of clothes to the hotel that I’ll be staying at and notifying them first of its arrival. After my stay is up I mail the box home or to a neighbor. This allows me to have less baggage on the plane.

  3. John Love|

    In Ireland, there are Revolution brand washers and dryers at some petrol (gasoline/diesel) service stations (outside) that cost €2 for a small washer load or €8 for a large load, and €2 for 15 minutes for the dryer. Don’t put more than €2 in the payment slot at a time for the dryer, in case there’s no heat (needs repair).

  4. Lou|

    except women are not men . we can not be seen in the same outfit even if its every 3 days

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