Take a moment to learn how your rental car gas tank door opens

Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Mary G., who says:

“As we settle in to our rental car we adjust the seat, the mirrors and the radio channels and situate our phone charger. Take a moment (or however long it takes) to determine how the gas tank door opens. This tip will save you time and aggravation as you scramble to return your rental. I discovered—after 20 minutes of panic—that some cars simply need a push on the gas tank door and miraculously it’s open.”

Good, simple advice. Thanks, Mary!




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3 Comments On "Take a Moment to Learn How Your Rental Car Gas Tank Door Opens"
  1. Georgia Tompkins|

    In addition to locating which side and how to open the gas tank, check out how to turn the lights on! I have rented cars in the evening just to leave the brightly lit garage to find I needed my headlights immediately! Not all cars have automatic headlights when started. Once found, find the high and low beams as well.

  2. Thomas Clouser|

    One should also check rental cars to see how windshield wipers work. I found the window cleaning pretty fast but had a hard time finding regular wipers on the last car when it started raining fast.

  3. Chrisanna|

    I’ve got the pushing on the gas door down. I was completely stumped and luckily not in a rush when this didn’t work after I had been told that’s how to access it. Looked in car manual and after some searching, discovered all the doors had to be unlocked for the gas door to be able to be opened. I guess this way a child won’t be unwittingly left in a closed car but I didn’t like it for the security of any belongings in the car.

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